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Cổng thương mại và đầu tư vào Singapore

(Trang tin của Thương vụ Việt Nam tại Singapore)

Head of Trade Office

Mr. Cao Xuan Thang

The Commercial Counsellor

Tel: +65 86455033
Email: [email protected]; [email protected]

The Second Secretary Nguyen Tien Duc

Tel: +65 9170 0122
Email: [email protected]

The Commercial Attache

Tel: +65
Email: [email protected]

The Commercial Attache

Tel: +65
Email: [email protected]

The Commercial Attache

Tel: +65
Email: [email protected]

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About us

The Vietnam Trade Office in Singapore (VnTradeSg) is the economic department of Vietnam Embassy in Singapore. All the staff of the Office are officials from Ministry of Industry and Trade. VnTradeSg is responsible for trade and investment promotion activities for the development of trade, industrial and energy sectors.

• Success for enterprises
• Trade development
• Optimisation of every resource

+ Proposing to the Government policies and measures for the development of business support activities and investment for development of trade, industrial and energy sectors;
+ Providing business information to trade support institutions and enterprises;
+ Conducting market research and analysis;
+ Assisting Vietnamese and foreign enterprises to identify business opportunities, customers, suppliers and partners through dispatching trade missions abroad, hosting foreign business missions to Vietnam and organising business meetings, seminars and conferences for Vietnamese and foreign enterprises;
+ Co-operating with international organisations in trade and in investment promotion for industry development.

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