With raising of potential and attractive investment in clean energy, Soc Trang province gradually changes the desert coast into centre of renewable energy of Cuu Long River Delta.

High potentials

Soc Trang is in the lower section of Cuu Long River Delta, with 72km of coast. It is not only advanced in development of produce and exploit seafood, seaport, logistics and tourist… but also incredibly good in development of wind power in industrial scale.

The results of the investigation of foreign investors shown that there is an extremely high potential in wind power. The coast is long and wide with windy velocity is 8,3m/sec (at 120m of height) make Soc Trang become a good potential province for wind power both in land and open sea. The capacity is estimated about 7.000MW, said Mr. Le Thanh Thanh, Deputy Director of Soc Trang Industry and Trade Department.

Beside the wind power potential, Soc Trang also has big potential on solar power. According to the statistic, the number of sunny days per year in Soc Trang is at high level (about 2.292 – 2499hours/year, average is 4,7-5hours/day, rush time (March – April) could be 6 sunny hours/day). According to Soc Trang’s wind power development master plan until 2030 the potential capacity can be 1,775MW.

Nowadays, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Minister have approved Soc Trang to add in 20 windy projects to master plan, with total capacity is 1.435MW. These projects are opening and planning to operate 8 projects in October 2021, the others will be done by 2022-2023.

Picture: Base of wind power plant in Hoa Dong, Vinh Chau Town, Soc Trang

Make potential to become driven forces

Vinh Chau Town, the place is quite far form official centre of Soc Trang (about 40km), has 40km of coast. It is a attractive destination of investor in fields of clean energy.

“With 18 projects of wind power (on 85.7% of whole provincial projects), wind power is being important driven forces for Vinh Chau development. Beside the useful efficiency of windy resource, it would be the important condition to adjust the economic structure fluently, contributing to reduce the environment pollution, accelerating the revenue, and creating more jobs”, said Mr. Tran Hoang Thang – Chairman of Vinh Chau Town People’s Committee.

To release of capacity of wind power projects (those is respected to operate in 2021), Mr. Le Thanh Thanh said that province and related firms has been doing quickly to build 110kV lines such as 110kV Tran De- Soc Trang, Vinh Chau – Bac Lieu and Vinh Chau transformer station. In addition, province has used the capital of EVN to invest the integrative system of power line for approved renewable power projects.

Besides, related organisers have been taking care the investors to remove obstacles to accelerate of implementation of wind power projects on time. In long term, province will have the sense of initiative to link and cooperate with in bound and out bound research institutes, universities, scientists to approach to modern technology. At the same time, province has facilitated all firms to involve to science research, technology innovation on renewable power development.

Mr. Lam Van Man, Soc Trang Secretary of Provincial Party Committee said that “Renewable energy is one of contents that Meeting of Provincial Party Committee XIV, period 2020-2025 has agreed to the key mission. Those projects would bring huge and sustainable benefits in many fields, beside making sure the balance supply of power for region of Cuu Long River Delta, contributing to economic structure adjustment”./.

Source: Saigondautu

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