Founded in 2007, Hoang Nam International Joint Stock Company. It is a company specializing in manufacturing and trading in nutritional food, cosmetics, beauty consultancy and beauty care in the Vietnam market. International.

After two years of research and cooperation with leading experts in the field of food supplement and beauty care, in 2009 the brand name Yen Sao Song Yen – “Brand health” was officially launched. With a wide variety of products ranging from general to high grade to serve widely to many customer segments across the country.

With the mission of “Commitment to providing consumers with quality and safe nutritional and cosmetic products”, Hoang Nam is committed to bringing satisfaction to all partners and customers. Cooperate with us: “Our partners, customers not only find the best products, suitable for their business goals but also get the best care and consulting services from the team. Our staff “.

Hoang Nam International Joint Stock Company is a place where the convergence of young leaders and staff, trained professionally, professionally and enthusiastically with their work. Therefore, we believe that we will achieve the goals and strategies set out, and make good commitments to our partners and customers.

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For more information, please contact Vietnam Trade Office in Singapore at [email protected]