Huong Sen Group.JSC has been well-known for beverage manufacturing in Vietnam as well as Asia for 20 years, by aspiration in investment strategy and sustainable development; we provide high-quality products and services with international quality and understanding of local identity; unique. In addition to the outstanding quality value, each product – service contains cultural messages to satisfy the maximum legitimate needs of customers.

Huong Sen group is officially founded in 1992 under Business Registration Certificate No.0802000459 issued on January 20th, 1992, and re-issued for the 16th time on January 27th, 2011. The precursor of the company was the economic model built-in 1980 in order to restore and develop traditional professions such as dyeing, textile, and a garment of Phuong La Village, Thai Phuong Commune, Hung Ha District, Thai Binh Province, Vietnam. We were one of the major exporters of textile and garments to Japan, the Soviet Union, Germany, and the European countries. It was a great success for the company during that time.

During the 1990s, Vietnam textile and garments faced many difficulties. As a result, the company embraced the new opportunity and refocused its effort on producing high-quality beer by working with world-class suppliers to build the Brewery that is equipped with the most advance and modern technologies. Some of these finest world-class suppliers are Krones, Huppmann, Steinecker, KHS, WTC Ecolmater, Mycom,… The Brewery is the first of its kind to achieve the International Standard of ISO 22000:2005. Today, it has been upgrading and expanding 3 times, the company now has a brewery equipped with the latest and most advanced technology in the world, which also has the capacity of producing 200 million liters of beer per year and 100 million liters of soft drink per year…

Based on the most advanced technologies and equipment, Huong Sen Group has successfully produced many types of high-quality products consumed by both the domestic and overseas markets. The most noticeable product is the Dai Viet Beer, which is available in 64 provinces and cities of Vietnam and also exported to the USA, Japan, Taiwan…. Its brand name has been registered in over 30 countries.

After many great achievements, executives, regular employees and the Chairman of the company have been awarded the Labour Medal and many other prizes of the Vietnamese Government. Dai Viet premium beer has received 15 gold medals, 2 awards for a strong brand name from the National Super Cup, and many other Nobel prizes. Huong Sen Group is considered one of the leading companies in the beverage industry and one of the 972 largest companies in Vietnam.

Based on the above achievements, experiences, and strong working spirit, the company is growing and conquering new challenges, expanding its manufacturing base, working with other partments in and outside of the country for mutual benefits which contribute to the development of the country.

Huong Sen Group: Head office at No.18, Tran Thai Tong Street, Bo Xuyen Ward, Thai Binh Province, Vietnam.
The company is looking for a food and beverage distributor in Singapore.
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