DANANG IT PARK is one of the four information technology parks of the country and this is an IT park with a large area, full of the most functional subdivisions of Vietnam. DANANG IT PARK is in a prime location of the Northwestern economic development belt of Da Nang, 20 minutes by car from the city center. From here, there is easy access to administrative and business districts, airports, seaports, universities and local tourist attractions.

DITP connects with industrial zones, international airports, international seaports, residential areas through main routes including:

–  Da Nang – Quang Ngai Expressway

–  Nguyen Tat Thanh street extended

–  Future BRT route and bus route

–  Lien Chieu International Port in the future

 Products and services

No. Total land Unit Total Area Occupied Land Available Land
1 Manufacturing Area m2 473,247 122,476 350,771
2 Residential Area m2 73,490 15,883 57,607
3 Mix-use (Office- exhibition,..) m2 87,320   87,320
4 R&D Area m2 106,312   106,312
5 Service Area m2 100,363   100,363
  Total   840,732 138,359 702,373
  1. Factory for lease/ land for lease

Kind of factory: build-to-suit; ready-built with different scales: + Type 1: 3000 ~ 5000 m2 (occupied by 46%); + Type 2: 5000 ~7000 m2 (occupied by 51%); + Type 3: 7000 ~ 8000 m2 (occupied by 3%)


Standard Factory: 02-storey Factory with floor area from 3.000 m2.Factory’s main characteristics is reinforcement concrete structure, sound-insulated and thermal-insulated wall; antistatic epoxy-coated floor, automatic fire-protected system, VRV air-conditioning system; 6-metre floor height; 6-ton floor load; rooftop solar system. Factory is are integrated in with Auxiliary facilities such as office, warehouse, canteen, Elevator for staff and Elevator for cargo.  Smart, modern and airy parking and yard system.

  1. Residential Area and Eco Park and services

Stay services: long term and short-term staying services (64 villas, 33 hilly villas, 04 apartment)

Commerce and Services: 32 commercial shops at Podiums of 04 apartment Blocks, Office for lease, show room, exhibition and convention center, Café on the lake, Clubhouse comprising of restaurant, shop, mini supermarket and other amenities, Fitness center, sport and recreation area, Tennis court, football court, golf-practice court, Swimming pool, park and campsite.

  1. Electronics Manufacturing Services

– Uniquely combine of R&D, IC Packaging Technology + PCB Assembly

+ Full support from design to production, from Wafer to Final Product;

+ From prototype to oversea volume manufacturing, in Vietnam, for lower cost

– Combine of established IC packaging and PCB Assembly

+ Chip on Board (COB): put chip directly to PCB, improve space, energy, performance-saving packaging cost

+ System in Package (SIP): multiple die in single package for high performance, stacking, high pin count, small space module

+ Latest SMT technology for PCB and final product.

– Product Design services and customer: OEM/ODM product design services

+ IOT from concept to reality development

+ Electronics Hardware and Firmware Design

+ Industrial design and Concept Rendering

+ Mechanical, 3D Modeling and Mold Design

+ Software, APP Development for IOS and Android

+ Prototype, 3D Sample in Hours

+ Product Reliability Testing and Cost Reduction Design

+ PCB layout

+ In-Circuit Test Programming

+ Functional Test Procedure and Process Design

– Manufacturing Services:

+ Die preparation

+ Front end: die cut, die bond, wire bond

+ COB, SIP, IC Packaging

+ PCB Assembly, Box or System Assembly, Cable Assembly

+ Ultrasonic Welding

+ Test services

+ Plastic Injection Molding

+ BGA Rework of ReBall

Priority list to invest in Da Nang Information Technology Park

  1. Software products: 05 business lines
  2. Software system
  3. Software application
  4. Software for programming development
  5. Software utility
  6. Information safety and security software
  7. Digital content products: 09 business lines

III. Information technology services: 09 business lines

  1. Hardware products and services: 11 business lines
  2. Technology to design and manufacture integrated electronic circuits (IC)
  3. Design and manufacture of technology telecommunications equipment
  4. Designing, assembling and manufacturing electronic computing equipment
  5. Research, design, assemble, and manufacture of audio-visual equipment
  6. Research, design, assemble and manufacture control equipment and electronic sensors
  7. Research, design, assembly, and manufacture of information security equipment
  8. Research, design and manufacture electronic storage devices
  9. Research, design, assemble, and manufacture electronic equipment for signal processing for medical purposes.
  10. Virtualization technology and cloud computing
  11. Biotechnology
  12. Dimensional printing technology (3D)

If you would like to receive more information on rental fees, preferential policies for investing (tax incentives, incentives for using infrastructures, sporting policies…) and virtually visit DNITP for touring, please do not hesitate to contact Vietnam Trade Office in Singapore at [email protected] .

For more information, please contact Vietnam Trade Office in Singapore at [email protected]