Vietnam to cut gas power capacity in electricity development plan


The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) has been told to finalise the National Power Development Plan VIII (PDP VIII) for 2021-2030 with a vision to 2045, focusing on reducing coal power plants.

According to the Government Office Notice No 277/TB-VPCP on the conclusion of the Government relating to PDP VIII,  the MoIT was asked to review the feasibility of thermal power projects using domestic gas while reducing the capacity of power plants using imported LNG gas by 2030 and increase wind power projects on reasonable and feasible scale.

The ministry should continue to work with investors on the implementation of coal-fired power projects which are facing obstacles in terms of capital to decide whether continuing coal power projects under current conditions or adopting other options.

In addition, it is necessary to carefully calculate the amount of electricity imports from neighboring countries, especially from Laos, to expand the scale of biomass and hydrogen power sources.

Solar power planning for 2030 should be reviewed to ensure efficiency, and avoid economic damage, especially the unreasonable calculation of electricity prices.

Previously, the MoIT had submitted a report to the cabinet on issues relating to PDP VIII.

The ministry proposed that the Government allow the deployment of solar power projects that have been planned and approved but have not yet been put into operation with a total capacity of about 2,428 MW because a delay could encounter legal risk and compensation for investors.

All violations will be strictly handled in line with State regulations, it added./. 

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