In industrial production, the boiler is widely used because of its economic efficiency. For example: in the food industry for people like: sugar, noodles, milk, wine, cake,. . . or animal feed such as bran, shrimp, fish. . . The and in other industries such as paper, rubber, seafood, wood, garment, textile and dyeing, pharmaceuticals. . . they use a boiler.

Very common but the boiler is a source of extreme danger to human health because when the steam is generated at high temperature and pressure it is easy to spray out if leaking and especially the boiler can explode, causing death to human life, the law strictly regulates all processes from fabrication, inspection to the use of boiler.

Thorough inspection, but the boiler is still explosive, not only for boilers made by skilfully made or unmanaged boiler plants, but the explosion in Bangladesh on July 3, 2017 (at least 10 was killed by a boiler bought from Germany shortly before and was put into use or four months later on November 1, 2017 explosion of a boiler at a thermal power plant in Uttar Pradesh state in northern India at least 26 people were killed and more than 100 injured).

In order to avoid these tragic deaths and the insignificant damage to the spirit and material, BACA Vietnam Co., Ltd has successfully researched and applied the boiler explosion protection solution, namely ” steam”.

When the boiler is equipped with this lock, the manufacturer and the user are no longer concerned with the boiler.


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